On Silence


There have been some high highs and some low lows lately

Trying to navigate it all and work through my shit and our shit

And be open to the beautiful things and love and try to give back

To not just feel overwhelmed

I’m so thankful for the candor, honesty and wisdom of my friends

For the art that can speak to these experiences that we humans seem to get ourselves into time and again

A spiral and a line intersecting

There’s an important role for transcendence

For the connections that we know but can’t quite articulate

Beyond the news and what we know and what we hope for and what we dread

Find your power. Your center. Your strength. Listen. Speak. Do. Share love

Just don’t stay silent

Silence is always so much more than death

words by Sasha Dobbs

self portrait by Katie Newburn



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  1. Monkey December 26, 2016

    Beautiful words and photo…


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