Nana Joe’s Granola

Granola with yogurt

Long time San Francisco resident and pastry chef, Michelle Pusateri was having trouble finding the breakfast she needed to fuel her active lifestyle and sustain her hunger until lunch.  So of course as any talented, crazy… but talented person would do, she creates a recipe in her small Outer Sunset kitchen, and begins giving it to everyone she knows, including myself. One recipe becomes three, and before she even knows what’s happened, Nana Joe’s Granola is born. Thank goodness!

GranolaGranola with milk

Inspired by the hard working farmer’s around the Bay Area, Michelle strives to use farm direct ingredients, and only use’s premium nuts and fruits in her granola blends. She’s even created a “chef’s blend” where she works one on one with a local chef to develop a recipe of their choosing. These are always my favorites, so good!

Nana Joe’s is committed to bringing a healthy, fresh breakfast back to the kitchen table.

Granola package

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  1. Jack December 27, 2016

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!


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