On Silence


There have been some high highs and some low lows lately

Trying to navigate it all and work through my shit and our shit

And be open to the beautiful things and love and try to give back

To not just feel overwhelmed

I’m so thankful for the candor, honesty and wisdom of my friends

For the art that can speak to these experiences that we humans seem to get ourselves into time and again

A spiral and a line intersecting

There’s an important role for transcendence

For the connections that we know but can’t quite articulate

Beyond the news and what we know and what we hope for and what we dread

Find your power. Your center. Your strength. Listen. Speak. Do. Share love

Just don’t stay silent

Silence is always so much more than death

words by Sasha Dobbs

self portrait by Katie Newburn



Open This One First With Nespresso


The holidays are here! Time to feast with our friends, and treat them to a surprise. Hosts work so hard to entertain and plan the perfect dinner party – an early morning trip to the farmer’s market to grab the best produce, developing the menu, setting a beautiful table, and making sure guests have delicious hors d’oeuvres and beverages to enjoy when they arrive. And don’t forget dessert. You know dessert is the best part of a holiday feast, especially with a warm, rich cup of coffee to complement the evening.

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Nana Joe’s Granola

Granola with yogurt

Long time San Francisco resident and pastry chef, Michelle Pusateri was having trouble finding the breakfast she needed to fuel her active lifestyle and sustain her hunger until lunch.  So of course as any talented, crazy… but talented person would do, she creates a recipe in her small Outer Sunset kitchen, and begins giving it to everyone she knows, including myself. One recipe becomes three, and before she even knows what’s happened, Nana Joe’s Granola is born. Thank goodness!

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La Taberna

La Taberna Napa

La Taberna is always my first stop upon arriving in my hometown of Napa, CA. Not only to give the owner, and thank the heavens my best friend Mick Salyer a giant hug, but to get the latest scoop, and see what new and delicious pinxtos are on the menu.

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